Who we are

The company

Excellence speaks the Made in Italy.

We offer the best: innovation & design, to deliver to you not only the salon that you want and that speaks about you but that is a functional place where your clients will always want to come back to; attention to change, because there is nothing more important than always looking ahead and being inspired by new trends and technologies to keep up with the cutting edge and all the benefits it brings; salon concept, a place where your philosophy is evinced not only in the choice of products you make but also in the furniture elements, for an end result that has a unique thread without ever losing sight of style, design and contemporaneity.

Innovation and Design

A salon is not a simple workplace, but a small design work in which the elements surprise and captivate the eye wherever it alights. That these elements are also innovative tools that facilitate and facilitate your work, is just one of the many pluses that we can guarantee you.

Beware of Change

Let’s try to explain it by stealing a famous quote: “whoever stops is lost”. And that’s right: taking risks and getting involved is synonymous with intelligence and courage, because change leads to evolution and evolution projects us directly into the future. And this is where great projects come to life.

Salon Concept

Our mission is to provide you with a salon that conceptually summarizes what it should represent for you. And to do this, all the elements that intertwine with each other to arrive at the final result must speak the same language: lines, colors, shapes … a project customized in every detail.

Our faces

Marco Toregiani

Founder – Architect

Diego Arcaini

Founder – Commercial

Linda Zilioli


Daniel Macetti


Sara Capelli


Sara Vavassori


Barbara Valetti

Interior Designer

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